Take a tour of the flavours of East Asia

“Our menu is made up of the best pan-Asian street food and signature dishes from across East Asia, with a fantastic variety of flavours and textures that we found in the various cuisines of the countries that we visited and fell in love with.

“We brought those flavours back with us to Tampopo to offer Manchester that same taste tour we loved, with authentic Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Singaporean & Japanese food.”

Our story

Our name ‘Tampopo’ (a Japanese girl’s name meaning ‘dandelion’) is also the title of a Japanese film, which chronicles a woman’s search for the perfect bowl of noodles; a quest we recreate at Tampopo today.

We’ve travelled all over East Asia to bring back our favourite dishes for you to enjoy. So sit and savour the aromas and flavours from the bustling street markets of Bangkok, the hawker stalls of Singapore and the noodle vendors of Tokyo.

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