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Think Indian-hot curries, Malay-influenced satays, and Chinese-style stir-fries or noodles, and you’re on the way to discovering a small fraction of the fantastic food this part of East Asia has to offer.

Arguably the most popular Malaysian dish is the rendang – a spicy and aromatic beef curry, slow cooked for 6 hours to seal in the flavour. Unbelievably tasty, it uses coconut, chilli, shallots, galangal and lemongrass to achieve that wow factor. We’ve added melt-in-the-mouth flatbread to ours, to make the best even better!

For a tried and trusted bowl of Singaporean food magic, look no further than a luscious laksa soup. Our much-loved classic packs a punch: a fiery coconut broth, textured with noodles, jumbo prawns, chicken, squid and mussels. If you like your curries creamy but hot, hot, hot, this one’s for you!

If something milder is more your taste, we recommend our delicious Singapore Vermicelli Noodles. What these super-thin beauties lack on the chilli rating they make up for in flavour.

Tampopo is one of the best places to enjoy authentic food from both Malaysia and Singapore. If it’s your first experience of this type of cooking, let us be your guide.

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