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At the heart of most Japanese meals are rice, sake and seafood. Unlike their Asian neighbours, Japanese cooks use very few spices; instead finding their flavours from the sea, in the form of seaweed, kelp and dried fish flakes. Products made from soya beans: miso, tofu and soy sauce, are also firm favourites.

Eating is a passion in Japan, and the country’s food enthusiasts have a phenomenal selection of cuisines to get excited about: from silky smooth ramen soup, to delicious yaki udon noodles – packed with prawns, mussels and squid, it’s a true taste of the sea.

Curry may have its origins in India, but in Japan they have made it their own with the undeniably delicious Katsu Curry – bread crumbed and deep-fried sliced chicken breast in a rich, but mild, curry sauce with sticky rice. We love it so much at Tampopo we’ve introduced a sweet potato version – best eaten with our tasty sesame and ginger salad.

You’ll be transported to Japan with some of our Tampopo favourites, including: Japanese Tempura, Japanese Style Sticky Wings and Japanese Pork Dumplings.

Whatever flavour of Japan you go for, you’re guaranteed to get a plate (or bowl) overflowing with delightful, fresh ingredients.

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