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Main Menu (Manchester, Bristol, Reading) Main Menu (Trafford Centre) 

In here you'll find mouth-watering Small Dishes which can be taken as sides, starters or shared with friends, delicately flavoured East Asian Salads, hearty Soup Noodles for a big appetite, Wok-fried Noodle & Rice Dishes which are the original healthy "food-on-the-go" of East Asia, sizzling Stir-fried Specials, and Sauce-based Specials which are fragrant curries and stews made to age-old authentic recipes. Finally, you can round off your meal with our refreshing Desserts, all made with an East Asian twist.

Eastern Express Lunchtime Menu

Available 12-5pm Monday to Friday

Lunch from £6.95!

Eastern Express Menu

The best meal deal in town: choose from six of our most popular Main Dishes from £6.95 plus you can add a side portion of one of three Small Dishes for £2.50.
Available 12-5pm daily
(except Triangle/The Oracle: 12-7pm Mon-Fri,
Trafford Centre/Cabot Circus: 12-5pm Mon-Fri)

Kids Menu

Food is fun at Tampopo

East Asian food is perfect for kids of all ages. It's far healthier than most other options out there, and noodles are great fun to eat. We also have some special chopsticks for kids to practice with! We have a selection of three set menu options that cater for kids of all ages, so bring them in and let the slurping begin! 

Please download our allergies list for full details of what is contained in each dish, make sure your server is aware of any allergies you have.

Please ask your waiter/ess if you would like any baby jars warming or if you would like plastic cups or pens and paper for the kids.

Vegetarian dishes are indicated with the letter "V". Vegan dishes are marked with the letters "Ve".

Tampopo To Go
To place an order...

At the Restaurant:
Place order at the till

By Phone:
Please see the locations section of the website for telephone numbers. You will need to place your order directly with a member of staff, please do not leave a message.

Please note:
Takeout is available:
Monday - Friday 12.00pm - 11.00pm
Sunday 12.00pm - 10.00pm

However telephone orders need to be placed half an hour before the restaurant closing time.

Please collect your orders from the restaurant. (We do not operate a delivery service)

Chopsticks and napkins provided.

We also offer a selection of refreshing drinks.